Merits Vision CF Power Wheelchair

Introducing the ultimate in mobility and comfort, our Vision CF power wheelchair offers a customizable seating experience with a seat width of 18 or 20 inches and depth adjustability between 18-20 inches. The ergonomic, semi-reclining high-back seat can recline up to 135 degrees for maximum relaxation. With 9-inch drive tires and 6-inch casters, this chair smoothly navigates any terrain.

Merits Vision CF P322 Power Wheelchair

The Dynamic LiNX controller allows for easy programming and diagnostics. And with premium AGM 34 AH U1 batteries, you can trust in a reliable power source. The heaviest piece weighs only 53.5 lbs, making it easy to transport. Upgrade your mobility with this advanced power wheelchair today.

Standard Features:

  • 18 or 20-inch seat width with 18 – 20 inch depth adjustability

  • Ergonomic, semi-reclining high-back seat; up to 135°

  • 9-inch drive tires, 6-inch casters

  • Dynamic LiNX controller for convenient programming and diagnostics

  • Premium AGM 34 AH U1 batteries

  • Weight of the heaviest piece: 53.5 lbs

Technical Specs:

  • Max Speed: 4mph

  • Range: up to 18 miles

  • Turning Radius: 21″

  • Ground Clearance: 2.4″

  • Motor: DC 24V, 130W

  • Controller: Dynamic LiNX

  • Battery: 12/U1(24AH)  x 2pcs

  • Charger: 4A off-board

  • Gradient: 6°

  • Casters: 6″ foam filled tires

  • Drive Wheels: 9″ foam filled tires

  • Brakes: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic 


  • Seat Width: 18″/20″

  • Seat Depth: 18″

  • Seat Height: 20″-22″

  • Backrest Height: 20″

  • Overall Length: 33″

  • Overall Height: 48.5-56″

  • Overall Width: 24″

  • Total Weight: 154 lbs

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs 

Optional Accessories:

  • Swingaway Joystick

  • USB Charger

  • Oxygen tank holder

  • Foldable rear basket

  • Cane and Crutch holder

  • Walker holder

  • Weather Cover

  • Elevating Legrests


Wheels & Chairs can add the following on request at an additional cost.

  • Vision CF Front Wheel Drive Base with Captain Seat ($ 6049.00)
  • Vision CF Front Wheel Drive Base with Pan Seat ($ 6049.00)
  • Vision CF Front Wheel Drive Base with Captain Seat ($ 6049.00)
  • Vision CF Front Wheel Drive Base with Pan Seat ($ 6049.00)
  • Vision CF Front Wheel Drive Base with Captain Seat ($ 6049.00)
  • Vision CF Front Wheel Drive Base with Pan Seat ($ 6049.00)
  • 12V, 18Ah, AGM Battery (x2) ($ 129.00)
  • 12V, 34Ah, U1, AGM Battery (x2) ($ 174.00)
  • A a Swing-away Joystick Mounting Bracket for LiNX ($ 5240.00)
  • IR a Retract4 Swing-away Joystick Mounting Bracket for UN) ($ 350.00)
  • Tension-Adjustable Back < 22"W ($ 79.00)
  • PC PF Planar Backrest 16"W x 181"H ($ 675.00)
  • PC PF Planar Backrest 18"W x 18"H ($ 675.00)
  • PC PF Planar Backrest 20"W x 18"H ($ 675.00)
  • PC PF Planar Backrest 16"W x 221"H ($ 675.00)
  • PC PF Planar Backrest 18"W x 221"H ($ 675.00)
  • PC PF Planar Backrest 20"W x 221"H ($ 675.00)
  • Flip-up, Height-Adjustable, Full-Length Armrests (standard) ($ 165.00)
  • Flip-up, Height-Adjustable, (1) Full & (1) Desk-Length Armrest ($165.00)
  • Flip-up, Height-Adjustable, Desk-Length Armrests ($ 165.00)
  • PC Lite 16"x16" ($ 89.00)
  • PC Lite 16"x18" ($ 89.00)
  • PC Lite 16"x20" ($ 89.00)
  • PC Lite 18"x16" ($ 89.00)
  • PC Lite 18"x18" ($ 89.00)
  • PC lite 18"x20" ($ 89.00)
  • PC Lite 20"x16" ($ 89.00)
  • PC Lite 20"x18" ($ 89.00)
  • PC Lite 20"x20" ($ 89.00)
  • PC Gel 16"x16" ($ 5299.00)
  • PC Gel 16"x18" ($ 299.00)
  • PC Gel 16"x20" ($ 299.00)
  • PC Gel 18"x16" ($ 299.00)
  • PC Gel 18"x18" ($ 299.00)
  • PC Gel 18"x20" ($ 299.00)
  • PC Gel 20"x16" ($ 5299.00)
  • PC Gel 20"x18" ($ 299.00)
  • PC Gel 20"x20" ($ 299.00)
  • Large footplate - 13.5"x11.5" ($ 99.00)

  • Elevating Legrests (Pair); 5"W x 6"D footplate ($ 360.00)
  • Sta-Rite Residual Limb Support 6"x7.5" (Right/Left) 

    Gel Pad for Flat Mount ($ 350)

  • Sta-Rite Residual Limb Support Mounting Hardware for Caota in/Pan Seat ($ 300)
  • USB Charger ($ 45.00)
  • Multi-Accessory Reciever Adaptor ($ 99.00)
  • Oxygen Tank Holder- attaches to seat bracket ($ 5140)
  • Oxygen Tank Bag Holder- attaches to backrest ($ 590)
  • Cane & Crutch Holder- attaches to seat bracket ($ 98.00)
  • Crutch Holder- attaches to backrest ($ 566.00)
  • Cane Holder- - attaches to backrest ($ 60.00)
  • Walker Holder- attaches to seat bracket ($ 118.00)
  • Walker Holder- attaches to backrest ($ 84.00)
  • Foldable Rear Basket (Med.)- attaches to seat bracket ($ 580.00)
  • Foldable Rear Basket (Leg.)- attaches to seat bracket ($ 120.00)
  • Canopy- attaches to seat bracket ($ 5300.00)
  • Safety Flag ($ 37.00)
  • Cover ($ 180.00)
  • Cup Holder ($ 24.00)
  • Mounting Bracket for Cup Holder ($ 532.00)
  • Side Bag ($ 18.00)
  • Seat Type: Captain or pan
    Captain seat is a typical "Van Style" seat, while a pan seat is flat, uncusioned flatform that allow users to insert their own cushion to the chair.

If you'd like to make any of the following adjustments or additions, contact our sales team through text, call or email and we'd be happy to assist you.

Phone number: (757) 654-1727


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Merit's Corporation (manufacturer) warrants to the original purchaser of this wheelchair product that it is free of defect in material and workmanship and that, when operated within the guidelines and restrictions of the product manual, will remain so free of defect in material and workmanship for a period of 18 months from the original date of purchase. Excluded from this warranty is failure due to negligence, abuse, accident, operation outside of rated limits, commercial or institutional use, damage/wear to upholstery or tires and improper maintenance or storage. The batteries for this wheelchair product are not supplied by Merit Corporation; contact the battery manufacturer/supplier if warranty replacement is requested. This wheelchair product must not be modified in any way without the express written consent of Merits Corporation. Any such unauthorized modification could cause unreliable and/or unsafe operation and will void this warranty. Where a failure occurs within the 18 months warranty period that is not excluded above, the failed components will be replaced with similar new or reconditioned components at Merits sole option. Merits Corporation will not be responsible for labor and/or shipping charges. The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Merits Corporation will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages whatsoever.

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