EcoFlow Glacier Bundles

The EcoFlow Glacier Bundles offer versatile and portable power solutions to meet a variety of energy needs. Each bundle is thoughtfully designed to provide convenient access to reliable power, making it an essential addition to your outdoor adventures, emergency preparedness, or daily energy requirements.

The EcoFlow Glacier + Plug-in Battery bundle combines the Glacier portable power station with a plug-in battery. This combination extends the Glacier's capacity, providing you with ample power for longer outings or critical backup power during emergencies. It ensures you have a dependable source of electricity wherever you go, with the flexibility to recharge and expand your energy supply as needed.

For those seeking enhanced mobility, the EcoFlow Glacier + Plug-in Battery + Detachable Wheels and Lever bundle takes convenience to the next level. With the addition of detachable wheels and a lever, transporting the Glacier becomes effortless, even across challenging terrain. This bundle is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who require a portable power station that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

The EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro bundle combines the Glacier power station with the RIVER 2 Pro portable power station. This dynamic duo offers a comprehensive energy solution, combining the Glacier's robust power capabilities with the versatility of the RIVER 2 Pro. Whether you need to power large appliances or charge multiple devices simultaneously, this bundle ensures you have the necessary power on hand. Whether you choose the basic bundle or opt for the added mobility or extra power, EcoFlow Glacier Bundles provide flexible and dependable energy solutions for a variety of scenarios.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Nikka Tello
    Need to read this if you bought it with extra batt and wheels

    So like all ecoflow products. It's buildt beautifully. Well designed and handsome. Lots of coolness to it especially being able to make ice. The negative comes in the shipping. I bought mine on the October Amazon price reduction. Great price for what I got! But that's the issue. When it ships, you get a tracker for the unit. 👍. But, when it arrives, there's no extra battery, no wheels and handle. Checked my order and it shows I should get all that except the box only has the freezer. No other trackers. So im thinking they sent me the plain model..wrote to ecoflow, they said someone signed for the unit, yes they did. I couldn't get them to understand I didn't receive the battery and wheel handle bundle. So after 2 mails sent. That next day a battery arrived along with the wheels and handle

    Madeline Daley
    Good unit for RVs, Spare use at Home, Camp

    This is a nice large portable Freezer/Fridge. The size is that of a large cooler. It is 40L storage plus an ice maker. This unit by itself is heavy and I added the wheels and extending handle which made it much easier to move. Hint- when removing the two vertical strips on the end before putting on the handle, you only need to remove the screw at the bottom of each strip. At least on ours.

    Grace Week
    Say goodbye to melting ice in cooler.

    I am thrilled with this new cooler. It worked great keeping things cold, making ice, running on battery, and shaming those with ice cubes in their coolers. I have always battled with water soaking meats, sandwiches, butter, etc., the mess created when time to empty the water, finding ice to buy at ridiculous prices, that half melted by the time we went back to the campsite. This wonderful fridge did away with all of that. Only used it for four days, but did not have to change the battery, because it was fully charged via car charger while getting there. The cooler Battery took over when the car was off. and for good measure, I used the solar panel to charge for about one hour. Did not disappoint.
    The not so good: Expensive, small (wish that it was at least 45-50 quarts, heavy (It required me to buy the wheels, which made it a cinch to move around.) Also needs to have the battery in order to use a/c (home plug)

    Honey Sevillano
    So far very nice

    Haven't had it very long and just tested it to see how cold it can get. I set it to -13F and it was already down to that temp in 30 minutes (ambient temperature is room temperature). App works very well, uses both Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if Wi-Fi isn't available. Note that only 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi is supported. Already had a few firmware updates after I got it set up and connected.