EcoFlow DELTA Pro Bundles

Introducing the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Bundles, a collection of comprehensive power solutions designed to meet your diverse energy needs with unmatched versatility and convenience. Each bundle centers around the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, a high-capacity portable power station, and is thoughtfully paired with a variety of accessories to elevate your power experience.

At the heart of these bundles is the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, a powerhouse boasting impressive power capabilities. From charging smartphones and laptops to running essential household appliances, this versatile unit ensures a seamless and efficient power supply.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Bundles offer a range of options to cater to your specific requirements. You can choose from various configurations, including the number of 220W or 400W solar panels to harness the sun's energy for eco-friendly recharging. Additionally, you have the choice to add Extra Batteries to your setup, extending your power reserve for extended energy independence.

For enhanced functionality, some bundles include optional accessories like a Transfer Switch, Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) with an adapter, Remote Control, or a Double Voltage Hub. These additions empower you to customize your power solution to suit your individual needs.

With EcoFlow DELTA Pro Bundles, you have the freedom to tailor your power setup for any situation, whether it's for off-grid adventures, emergency preparedness, or simply reducing your environmental impact. Experience a new level of power flexibility and dependability by investing in an EcoFlow DELTA Pro Bundle today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nikka Tello
Very easy to use.

The perfect alternative to a gas generator for backup power during a storm. Used in connection with the transfer switch, it is very easy to operate. Battery life and value for the money is a subjective issue depending on what you want to back up. For me, it is well worth the peace of mind to know that when the power goes out for a day or two, I will still be able to run my refrigerator, be able to watch TV, operate the house fans, have lights and so on. You can probably get a gas generator for under $1000 to do some of that, or get this battery and transfer switch for between 3 and 4 thousand dollars. No longer do I need to have cables running all over the house to the gas generator, have to maintain the generator in the rain to have power, to say nothing about the noise and the smell of it.

Honey Sevillano
Be Prepared

Hurricanes are always a threat where I live. I'm not a fan of gas generators because of the noise, exhaust and the craziness at the pumps whenever a storm is approaching. After a lot of research I finally settled on this. I was impressed by the 3600W of power which runs all my lights and fans, my refrigerator, microwave and pretty much every 120V device I own. Then there is the KWh rating which tells you how long this unit runs them for. To put it in perspective this can run my side by side refrigerator for about a day. And yes, food is way to expensive to just sit and watch those go bad.

Sheena Diaz
Great Power Source for Generator Restricted Campsites.

I spend a lot of time RVing (30 amp) on Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway, so electrical hookups are not available. Skyline Drive has very short generator hours, so being able to use this during non generator hours makes life a lot easier. Recharging is quick, so it can be charged back up during the hours generators are allowed.
I do have two minor suggestions.
1. There is a tiny white light on the front of the panel that slowly fades in and out when in use. (i.e. charging phone overnight). The only way to negate this was to cover the light. "Dark Mode" would be nice.
2. A longer AC power cord. RV outlets aren't in the most convenient locations, so an extra long cord would be helpful so that I don't have to lift the (99 lb) power station onto a table to reach the outlet. (or use an extension cord).