Drive 15310-84 Bariatric Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

Introducing the Drive 1531-84 Bariatric Foam Hospital Bed Mattress - the ultimate sleep companion for the bold and adventurous! This mattress is here to redefine the meaning of comfort and bring some serious fun to your snooze time. Get ready to embark on a sleep journey like no other!

First up, we've got a nylon top cover that's not only fluid-resistant but also a breeze to clean. Say goodbye to stains and hello to extended mattress life and service. Spills and accidents don't stand a chance against this superhero cover!

But wait, there's more! The vinyl bottom of this mattress is waterproof. That's right - waterproof! It's like having a protective shield against liquid mishaps. No more worries about spills or accidents ruining your mattress. Dive into bed without a care in the world!

Now let's talk about the core of this beast. It's packed with high-density foam, specially designed for bariatric patients. Brace yourself for the perfect combination of comfort, support, and durability. This one-piece solid foam inner core is like sleeping on a cloud made of strength. It's built to withstand the test of time and provide you with the best sleep experience possible.

Oh, and did we mention? This mattress is latex-free, because we believe in inclusivity and catering to everyone's needs. No worries about latex allergies here. We've got you covered, quite literally! Get ready to unleash the power of great sleep and wake up feeling like a true sleep warrior!

Product Specifications:
Cover Material Fluid-Resistant Nylon Top | Waterproof Vinyl Bottom
Dedicated Heel Section No
FireRating CFR 16 Part 1633 Federal Fire Code
Limited Warranty 1 Year
Mattress Layers of Foam 1
Product Dimensions: 15310-84: 84”(L) x 48”(W) x 6.5”(H)
Side Rails No
Warranty 1 Year
Weight Capacity: 15310-84: 665 lbs

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